Classic Wine Imports is a highly-educated and passionate fine wine sales team that partners with top retailers and restaurants in Massachusetts to provide the best wines from around the world. The portfolio includes the finest premium French and American wines from Old Word French Bordeaux and Burgundies to New World California and Oregon wineries. We invite you to take a closer look at the fine wine selections that we carry in our portfolio.

Members of the sales team cultivate a deep knowledge of wine and develop strong relationships with store owners, wine buyers, chefs, and sommeliers. Whether it is finding the right Sake or plum wine for a sushi restaurant, uncovering a dry Riesling perfect for the wine list at a downtown Boston restaurant, or digging deep into older vintages of Bordeaux for a wine shop, Classic Wine has the expertise.

Classic Wine continues to grow and change to match the changing tastes of the wine consumer. From sourcing boutique specialty wines from a small producer to developing strong partnerships with large wineries, Classic Wine is experienced at building brands and executing distribution in Massachusetts.

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