Tsolikauri (Georgian: ცოლიკაური) is a light yellow-skinned white grape variety grown mainly in western Imereti district of Georgia. It cultivated in Kolkhida Lowland at an altitude of 160 m (520 ft) above sea level.

Out of 400 different types of grapes in the country, Tsolikauri is among the most widespread varieties. Nearly 90% of vineyards in western Georgia grow Tsolikauri. This sort usually matures by mid October. Grown in Orzhonikidze vineyards during Soviet rule of Georgia, Tsolikauri was considered one of high-quality grapes along with Chkhaveri and Izabella varieties. It has been used for production of premium dry, semi-sweet and semi-dry wines. Tsolikauri, Kolkheti, Lelo, Tvishi wines are made from Tsolikauri grapes. According to former Soviet statesman Vyacheslav Molotov, Tsolikauri was one of favorite wines of Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin.


Major Regions: Imereti district, Georgia
Notable Wines: Tsolikauri, Kolkheti, Lelo, Tvishi