Trollinger (or Schiava) is a light-red, late-maturing wine grape variety that was originally cultivated in the wine regions of South Tyrol and Trentino. It probably reached the southern regions of Germany during Roman times. The variety is first mentioned under that name in fourteenth century documents, for example Martin Luther drank it according to a report of the papal legate Alexander around 1520. In the 1960s, it was crossed with the white grape Riesling to produce the cross Kerner.

Today it is almost exclusively cultivated on steep, sunny locations in the Württemberg wine region of Baden-Württemberg. In Württemberg, 21.2 percent of the vineyards are devoted to Trollinger grapes – one of the region’s top three grapes.


Also called: Schiava
Origin: Italy
Notable regions: Württemberg (Germany), Trentino, South Tyrol (Italy)