Torrontés is the characteristic white wine grape of Argentina, producing fresh, aromatic white wines. Three Torrontés varieties exist in Argentina: Torrontés Riojano, the most common, Torrontés Sanjuanino, and Torrontés Mendocino. It is primarily Torrontés Riojano that has received attention for the quality of its wines, and is the variety used for most high-class Argentine wines simply labelled Torrontés. All three Argentine Torrontés varieties belong to the Criollas group of grape varieties, which is a term used for presumably American-born cultivars the European grapevine Vitis vinifera.

There is also a Torrontés grape variety from Galicia in Spain, also known as Albillo Mayor, but it probably has no direct relationship to the Argentine Torrontés varieties.


Also called: Torrontés Riojano, Torrontés Sanjuanino, Torrontés Mendocino, Torrontel, and other synonyms
Notable regions: Argentina