Petit Rouge


Petit Rouge is a red Italian wine grape variety that ampelographers believe is indigenous to the Valle d'Aosta region of northwest Italy. However, there is some confusion about whether Petit Rouge is the same variety as the red Swiss wine grape Rouge de Valais.

The grape is somewhat obscure and is not widely grown outside the Valle d'Aosta where it is primarily a blending variety but some varietal wines are produced. In blends, it adds floral aroma notes and dark color to the wines.


Also called: Orion Gris, Oriou, Oriou Curare, Oriou gris, Oriou Lombard, Oriou Petit-Rouge, Oriou Picciou, Oriou Voirard, Petit Rouge de Chatillion, Piccion Roza, Ricciou Oriou, Picciou Radzo, Picciou Rouge, Picciou Rozo, Picciourouzzo, Pitchou Rodza and Ricciou Rouge