Ondenc is a white French wine grape found predominantly in the Gaillac region of southwest France. In the 19th century, it was a popular planting in Bordeaux but fell out of favor following the phylloxera epidemic due to poor yields and sensitive to grape disease, though is still one of the seven permitted white varieties permitted in Bordeaux. Prior to falling out of favor, vine cuttings were brought from Bordeaux to Australian where the grapes became known under the synonyms of Irvine's White in Victoria and Sercial in South Australia. The Australian grapes weren't identified as Ondenc till 1976 when French ampelographer Paul Truel identified the vine while visiting Australia. Today, the grape is nearly extinct in Australia except for a small amount of plantings in Victoria used in sparkling wine production.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Austenq, Béquin, Bergeracois, Blanc de Gaillac, Blanc Select, Blanc Selection Carriere, Blanquette, Blanquette Sucree, Chaloche, Chalosse, Cu de Brecherou, Doudant Blanc, Doundent, Dourec, Dourech, Fronsadais, Gaillac, Irvine's White, Mauzac, Oeil de Tour, Ondain, Ondainc, Ondent, Ondin, Oundenc, Oundenq, Oustenc, Oustenq, Oustenque, Piquepout De Moissac, Plant De Gaillac, Prendiou, Prentiou, Primai, Primaic, Primard, Printiou, Riverain, Sable Blanc, Semis Blanc, Sencit Blanc, Sensit Blanc and Sercial
Origin: France