Nerello is a name given to two varieties of red wine grapes that are grown primarily in Sicily and Sardinia.

  • Nerello Mascalese, which is named after the Mascari plain in Catania where the grape is thought to have originated. It is widely used in the Etna Rosso DOC as a blending grape that adds color and alcohol to the wine. It is one of the three grapes used to make the wine Corvo Rosso.
  • Nerello Cappuccio is grown mainly on the northeastern side of Sicily and is thought to be superior in quality to the Nerello Mascalese. While it can be used for blending, the grape is often made into varietal wine.

An Italian study published in 2008 using DNA typing showed a close genetic relationship between Sangiovese on the one hand and ten other Italian grape varieties on the other hand, including Nerello. It is therefore likely that Nerello is a crossing of Sangiovese and another, so far unidentified, grape variety.