Négrette is a dark red wine grape grown primarily in South West France in the region between Albi and Toulouse. It is a direct descendant of Mavro rootstock, a grape variety cultivated extensively on the island of Cyprus.


Grape Colour: Black
Also called: Bourgogne, Cahors, Cap de More, Chalosse Noire, Couporel, Degoutant, Folle Noire, Morelet, Morillon, Mourelet, Mourrelet, Negralet, Negraou, Negret, Negret de Gaillac, Negret du Tarn, Negrette de Fronton, Negrette de Longages, Negrette de Nice, Negrette de Rabastens, Negrette de Villaudric, Negrette de Villemur, Negrette Entiere, Negrette Poujut, Negretto, Noirien, Petit Negret, Petit Negrette, Petit Noir, Petit Noir de Charentes, Petit Noir de Fronton, Pinot Saint Georges, Pinot St. George, Ragoutant, Saintongeais, Vesparo Noir, and Villemur
Origin: France
Major regions: South West France