Mandilaria (Greek: Μαντηλαριά) is a red Greek wine grape variety that is grown throughout the Greek Isles. The grape is often used as a blending component, producing deeply colored wines that are light bodied.


Grape Colour: Black
Also called: Amorgiano, Amourguiano, Armorgiano, Dombrena Mavri, Domvrena Mavri, Doubraina Mavri, Doubrena Mavri, Doumbrena Mavri, Doumpraina Mavri, Doympraina Mavre, K'ntoura Kai M'ntoura,Kontoura, Koudoura Mavri, Koundour A Mavri, Koundoura Mavri, Kountoura, Kountoura Mavri, Kountoyro, Koutoura, Koyntoura, Koyntoura Mavre, Kytoura, Mandalari, Mandilari, Mantelaria, Mantilari, Mantilaria, Montoyra and Tsoumpraina Mavri
Origin: Greece