Knipperlé is a traditional French variety of white wine grape from Alsace. It's not listed for use in AOC wine, but is a minor component of blends for local drinking, in some ways an Alsatian equivalent of its sibling Aligoté in Burgundy.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Beli Kleschiz, Breisgauer Riesling, Colmer, Drobni Kleshiz, Elsaesser, Eltinger, Faktor, Gelber Ortlieber, Kauka Weiss, Kipperle, Klein Rauschling, Kleiner Gelber, Kleiner Methuesser, Klescec, Kleschiz Beli, Knackerle, Kniperle, Libiza, Mali Javor, Metsuesser Klein, Mielleux Petit, Oettlinger, Ortlibi Sarga, Ortlieber, Ortlieber A 2, Ortlieber Früh, Ortlieber Gelb, Ortlieber Grün, Ortlieber Spaet, Ortlieber Weiss, Ortlieber Weisser, Ortliebi, Ortliebske Rane, Ortliebstraube, Petit Mielleux, Raeuschling Klein, Reichenweiberer, Reichenweierer, Reichenweiherer, Rochelle, Rochelle Blanche, Roshel, Rungauer, Sibiza and Türkheimer
Origin: France
Major regions: Alsace