Kalecik Karasi


Kalecik Karası is a Turkish grape variety and a Turkish wine produced from this grape. This grape and wine are called by the name of area, the Kalecik district of Ankara Province, Turkey. Kalecik Karası grows successfully near the Kızıl River and is used to make some of Turkey's best red wine.

Kalecik Karası grapes are famous for their unique taste, aroma and flavor. This unique quality has been honored with several awards won in International wine contests, and has attracted the interest of Turkish wine lovers. As a result, Kalecik Karası has become much in demand among domestic wines in recent years. The Kalecik Karası grape of Central Anatolia, which was on the brink of extinction due to long neglect, has taken its deserved place in viticulture, thanks to the long-term efforts of Turkish and French experts and Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture. Because of high demand, this grape is now also cultivated in other parts of Turkey with similar climatic conditions, such as the high grounds of the Denizli region.

This special prestige wine has the color of a ruby stone, is rich, well-balanced, and has a lasting and aroma of red fruit, vanillin, and cocoa. It has a light, fresh, and elegant finish. The wine has an alcohol ratio between 12 to 14%, and an acidity range of 4 to 7 grams/liter. Best when served at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius (61 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit), it is a good match with any kind of red meat, aged cheese, and especially Chateaubriand.