Irsai Oliver


Irsai Oliver is a Hungarian white table/wine variety, crossed between Pozsonyi and Pearl of Csaba in 1930. It is early ripening, with a distinctive Muscat character.


Grape Colour White
Also called: Aranylo, Aranylo Korai, Carola, Irchai Oliver, Irsai, Irsai Oliver Muskotally, Irshai Oliver, Karola, Korai Aranylo, Muscat Oliver, Muskat Irsai Oliver, Muskat Oliver, Oliver Irsai, Oliver Irsay, Zoeloetistii Rannii, Zolotisti Ranij, Zolotistyi Rannii, Zolotistyi Ranniy, Zolotistyj Rannij and Zolotisztuej Rannij
Origin: Hungary