Incrocio Manzoni


Incrocio Manzoni is a family of grape varieties named after Professor Luigi Manzoni of Italy's oldest school of oenology located in Conegliano, in the Veneto region. Manzoni created the new grape varieties by selecting, crossing and grafting vines from various vineyards during the 1930s.

The numbers after grape type refer to location of the vineyards for the original grafts; for example, 6.0.13 refers to the row, vine and vineyard. The family includes both white and red grape varieties.

Although most Manzonis are grown in northeastern Italy, they are mainly grown in the Piave area of Provincia di Treviso and are only now starting to be sold commercially in Europe and the United States. Some of the better known producers of this wine type include Bonotto Delle Tezze and Casa Roma.