Gaglioppo is a red wine grape that is grown in southern Italy, primarily around Calabria. The vine performs well in drought conditions but is susceptible to oidium and peronospera. The grape produces wine that is full-bodied, high in alcohol and tannins with a need for considerable time in the bottle for it to soften in character. It is sometimes blended with up to 10% white wine.


Grape Colour: Black
Also called: Aglianico di Cassano, Arvino, Gaglioppa, Gaglioppa Nera, Gaglioppo di Ciro, Gaglioppo Nero, Gaglioppo Paesano, Gagliuoppo, Gaioppo, Galaffa, Galloffa, Galloppo, Galloppolo, Galoffa, Lacrima di Cosenza, Lacrima Nera, Lancianese, Latifolia, Maghioccu Nero, Magliocco, Magliocco Antico, Magliocco Dolce, Magliocco Tondo, Magliocolo Nero, Maioppa, Mantonico Nero, Montonico Nero and Uva Navarra
Origin: Italy
Major regions: Calabria