Fetească regală


Fetească Regală (Romanian pronunciation: [feˈte̯askə reˈɡalə]) is a variety of Hungarian white grape variety, used for sparkling wine production, and for blending with Fetească Albă. It is a crossing of Kövérszőlő with Fetească Alba. It is a hungaricum (hungarian name: Királyleányka).

This variety is cultivated mainly in Transylvania, Romania, and is grown in most vineyards.

The quality of wines ranges between table wine and high-quality ones. The wines are dry and fresh and have acidity and specific flavour.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Danasana, Danesana, Danosi, Danosi Leanyka, Dunesdorfer Königsast, Dunesdörfer Königsast, Dunnesdiorfer, Erdei Sarga, Feteasca Corolevscaia, Feteasca de Danes, Feteasca Korolevskaia, Feteasca Muscatnaia, Feteasca Muskatnaia, Feteasca Regola, Galbena de Ardeal, Galbena di Ardeal, Kenigrast, Kiraileanka, Kiralyleanyka, Königliche Mädchentraube, Königsast, Königstochter, Konigsast, Kralovska Leanka and Pesecka Leanka
Origin: Transylvania