Etraire de la Dui


Étraire de la Dui (also known simply as Étraire) is a red French wine grape variety that was historically grown in the Rhone and Savoy wine regions. Its numbers were hit hard following the phylloxera epidemic and now only a few plantings remain in Savoy and the southeast fringes of the Rhone valley. According to wine expert Jancis Robinson, the grape produces a wine similar in style to Persan and can produce wine with aging potential.


Also called: Beccu de l’Aduï, Betu, Étraire, Étraire de l’Adny, Étraire de l’Aduï, Étraire de la Dot, Étraire de la Dû, Étraire de la Duy, Gros Persan and Grosse Étraire