Calitor or Calitor Noir is a red French wine grape variety. It was previously widely cultivated in southern France, in particular in Provence, but is now very rare, almost extinct. Calitor gives high yields and produces an elegant, light and lightly colored wine. When grown on hillside sites, it can give a wine of character. It has mostly been used in blends.


Grape Colour: Black
Also called: Anglas, Assadoule Bouvier, Binxeilla, Blavette, Calitor Noir, Canseron, Cargo Miola, Cargo Muou, Catitor, Causeron, Causeroun, Charge Mulet, Colitor, Coulitor, Dameron des Vosges, Foirard, Foirat, Fouiraire, Fouiral, Fouirassan, Garriga, Mouillas, Noeuds-Courts, Nou Courte, Pampoul, Pecoui Touar, Pecoui Tovar, Picpoule Sorbier, Piquepoul de Fronton, Pride of Australia, Qualitor, Ramonen, Rouget de Salins, Rousselin, Rousselin Noir, Rousset, Rouxal, Sang de Boeuf, Saure, Sen Zhan, Siege Noir, Sigotier, Sigoyer and Tentyure Artekskii
Origin: France