Brun Fourca


Brun Fourca is a red French wine grape variety that once grew widely throughout Provence and Southwest France but is now limited to small plantings within the Palette Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC).


Also called: Brun d´Auriol, Brun de Farnous, Brun Farnous, Brun Tourcale, Brunfourka, Caula, Caula Noir, Caula noir de Vaucluse, Farnous, Floura, Flouron, Gros Taulier, Mançonnet, Morrastel Fleuri, Morrastel Flourat, Moulan, Moulard, Moulau, Mourastel Flourat, Moureau, Mourrastel Fleuri, Morrastel Floura, Mouzeau, Mulon and Ribier