Bouvier is a white wine grape and table grape planted primarily in Central Europe-most notably Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia where it is also known as Ranina.

In Austria, where it is grown on 365 hectares (900 acres), Bouvier is primarily used for Sturm (seasonally produced semi-fermented grape must) and young-bottled wines.

Bouvier ripens very early, is resistant to frost, and gives a rather low yield. Its wines are golden yellow, mild in taste and have a Muscat aroma.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Bela Ranina, Bela Ranka, Boouvierovo Grozno, Bouvier Précoce, Bouvier Trante Weisse, Bouvier Traube Weisse, Bouvierovo Grozno, Bouvierovo Hrozno, Bouvierovo Ranina, Bouvierrebe, Bouviertraube, Bouviertraube Weisse, Bouvieruv Hrozen, Bouvijejeva Ranka, Bovije, Buveleova Ranka, Buvie, Buvierov Hrozen, Buvije, Buvijeova Ranina, Buvijeova Ranka, Buvijeva Ranka, Buvileova Ranka, Chasselas Bouvier, Findling, Kimmig Kp 1, Précoce de Bouvier, Précoce de Bouvier Bianco, Précoce de Bouvier Blanc, Précoce di Bouvier Bianco, Radgonska, Ranina, Ragdonska Ranina Bela, Ranina, Ranina Bela, Ranka, Sasla Buvije
Origin: Austria-Hungary (current Slovenia)