Bogdanuša is a white grape variety, which is grown on the Croatian island of Hvar, where it originated on the Stari Grad Plain. Wines from this grape tend to be dry with a green-yellow to golden color and more than 12% alcohol.

Premium quality Bogdanuša wines are produced by Dalmacijavino, and Plančić Winery.

Legend says that this wine was drunk at religious festivals, and that is why it got the name Bogdanuša (given by God).


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Bogdanoucha, Bogdanuša Bijela, Bogdanuša Mala, Bogdanuša Vela, Bogdanuša Vela Mladinka, Bojadanuša, Bojdanuša, Mladeinka, Vrbanjka and Vrbanjska
Origin: Croatia
Major regions: Croatia
Notable wines: Bogdanuša