Aurore is a white hybrid grape variety produced by Albert Seibel circa 1860 and used for wine production. Over a long lifetime Seibel produced many complex hybrid crosses of Vitis vinifera to American grapes. It is also known as Seibel 5279. It is a cross of Seibel 788 (which is Sicilien × Clairette Dorée Ganzin) and Seibel 29 (which is Munson × an unidentified Vitis vinifera ). Aurore may be used as a table or wine grape. It tends not to be used as a table grape due to unsuitability for shipping and is generally used for bulk wine production for blending with labrusca wines. It is also used to a lesser extent to make fruity and sparkling wines though considered to be mediocre in quality.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Aurora, Feri Szölö, Financ Szölö, Redei, S-5279 and Seibel 5279
Origin: France, created by Albert Seibel
Major regions: Northern United States, Canada, and United Kingdom