Altesse or Roussette is a white French wine grape variety found primarily in the Savoy wine region of France. It yields small harvests and ripens late but is resistant to grey rot. Wines made from Altesse have exotic aromas, often together with citrus and herbs, and have good acidity. They are considered to age well.

In the vineyard, Altesse is said to be very similar to the Furmint variety of Hungary.[2] The origin of Altesse is subject to various claims, including an origin in Cyprus, but a French origin seems more probable.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Altesse Blanche, Altesse Verte, Arin, Fusette, Fusette d'Amberieu, Fusette de Montagnieu, Ignam, Ignan Blanc, Maconnais, Petit Maconnais, Prin Blanc, Rousette Haute, Roussette, Roussette Basse, Roussette de Montagnieu, Roussette Grosse, Roussette Haute, Roussette Petite and Serene Blanche
Origin: France
Major regions: Savoy, Bugey
Notable wines: Roussette de Savoie