Albillo or Albillo Real is a white Spanish wine grape[1] planted primarily in the Ribera del Duero region, and also in Madrid, Ávila and Galicia. The grape has mostly neutral flavors with a light perfume aroma. It has a high glycerol index which confers smoothness to the wines.

It is sometimes added to the red wines of the Ribera del Duero for added aromatics. The berries are of average size, round in shape and golden in colour. The grape bunches are generally small and compact. It is an early ripening variety and in central Spain is usually harvested in mid August.

It is an authorized variety in the Ribera del Duero region and one of the main varieties in the Vinos de Madrid DO.


Grape Colour: White
Also called: Albilla, Albillo de Cebreros, Albillo de Madrid, Albillo de Toro, Albillo Castellano, Blanco del País, Castellano, Gual, Hoja Vuelta, Nieves Temprano, Pardillo and Pardina y Uva Perruna
Origin: Spain
Major regions: Ribera del Duero