Advanced Wine Course

This is the highest level wine class offered at the Martignetti Companies. A prerequisite is a strong command of basic wine knowledge and broad tasting experience. A major feature of the class is the blind tasting component. This consists of the group tasting in total silence followed by everyone, in turn, describing their thought processes and conclusions of the wines tasted. The result (over time) is a dramatic sharpening of one’s tasting skills. No prior blind tasting experience is necessary. The entire first class will be devoted to the methodology of blind tasting.
The other main component is directed self study, involving the extensive reading of a number of text books (including Terroir, an exploration of the geology of the major wine producing regions of France). Due to the time required to prepare for each class, we only meet once a month.
Enrollment is limited to 12 students. For this reason, once agreeing to the schedule (to be announced) students are expected to make arrangements to attend every class. After a second absence, the seat will be offered to another student. If you would like to join this class or need more information concerning participation, please contact Len Presutti.
All classes meet on Wednesdays from 6-9:30PM
Biodynamic Wine, Demystified
Nicolas Joly
The New France; A Complete Guide
to Contemporary French Wine
Andrew Jefford
The World Atlas of Wine (Seventh Edition)
Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson
Terroir: The Role of Geology, Climate and Culture in the Making of Wine
James E. Wilson