Meet Brad Fichter
Brad Fichter, Certified Advanced Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers, is the Corporate Wine Educator of the Martignetti Companies.

Brad is a dedicated sommelier who draws on decades of experience and rich passions to help both Martignetti employees and customers deepen their understanding and appreciation for the world of wine. Through consultations, guided tastings and in-depth seminars, Brad can assist in developing balanced and profitable wine programs, while also providing all levels of staff trainings for our restaurant and retail partners. Whether at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Taunton, MA, in your retail location or in your restaurant, Brad is excited at the opportunity to assist you in raising the level of service you are able to offer your guests and customers.
Before Brad became the Corporate Wine Educator for the Martignetti Companies he spent the last 25 years developing his craft, holding almost every position a restaurant has to offer. Early on in his career he found a deep appreciation for the dedication and craftsmanship it took to create the world’s most sought-after beverages, so it was this subject that consumed him.  Working with some of the most celebrated beverage programs in Boston, including two Wine Spectator, Grand Award-winning cellars, Brad was constantly looking to push himself to broaden his knowledge with the hopes of becoming the most well-rounded beverage professional possible.  With that, he began his journey through the internationally recognized Court of Master Sommeliers certification program in 2009. Over the years, he has achieved the Introductory, Certified Sommelier, and the Advanced Sommelier certifications and is currently pursuing the coveted, Master Sommelier accreditation. Through this pursuit, Brad has found that the connections made through education and mentorship offer the most significant rewards and it is this that makes his position with a family-owned, New England based company a dream come true. 
Please reach out to your Sales Representative to take advantage of the customizable services and resources that Brad has to offer, as it is his goal to contribute to furthering the development of the Wine Community in New England. 

Brad Fichter, Corporate Wine Educator
Champagne and Sparkling Wine Seminar