Spirits Education Classes


Certified Specialists of Spirits Review Preparation

To prepare for the Society of Wine Educators’ Certified Specialist of Spirits exam, Martignetti Companies offers a 9 week course that is taught by Troy Clarke at the Martignetti Companies headquarters Spirits Education Training bar in Taunton, MA. Contact your Martignetti representative if you are interested in signing up. Classes will be announced at a later date and will be held in Martignetti Companies Spirits Education Center at 500 John Hancock Rd, Taunton, MA.
Wk1: Introduction and Course Material passed out
Wk2: Sprit Production/Sensory Evaluation of Spirits
Wk3: Vodka & Other Neutral Spirits/ Gin & Other Flavored Spirits
Wk4: Whiskies/ Brandies & Other Fruit-Based Spirits   
Wk5: Rum/ Tequila & Other Agave Based Beverages
Wk6: Liqueurs, Vermouth, Amari and Bitters
Wk7: Mixology/Impact of Alcohol on Health
Wk8: Final Review
Wk9: Makeup – Missed Chapter Reviews or areas you feel need more discussion
ASSIGNED TEST DATE:  This will be provided by Troy Clarke for your CSS Certification Test @Pearson Testing Center 

Test Breakdown (give or take) Topic                                      #of exam questions
Distillation & Spirit Types/Mixology/Misc.                                           20
Whiskies                                                                                                              15
Brandy                                                                                                                 15
Vodka                                                                                                                   11
Liquor                                                                                                                    6
Gin                                                                                                                         11
Rum                                                                                                                      11
Tequila                                                                                                                11