Spirits Education

Martignetti Companies is committed to staying updated on the latest spirits trends, enabling our team and retail and restaurant teams to stay on top of their spirits education.

The popularity of spirits has exploded over the last ten years and continues to accelerate due to three distinct yet interdependent reasons, making it even more important to continue learning.

First, the coming of age of the consuming public's collective palate has cultivated a healthy and fertile environment of sensory adventure. Never before in history have so many searched for more profound spirits experiences and challenges in all distillate categories.

Second, the public's burgeoning interest has been aggressively met by the distilling industry with the release of hundreds of new and cutting-edge spirits in all categories. The current plethora of spirits that is available in North America (at present, over 6,800) keeps perpetuating the grassroots interest. Consumers demand, producers supply; producers supply even more and consumers sample more.

Third, the public's acute fascination with high-end spirits has been fueled, in part, by the vibrancy of the New Golden Era of Cocktails, which in many quarters has been propagated by the emphasis on fresh ingredients and top drawer spirits. This third point is key because the trend toward better quality spirits has caused consumers to raise their standards and hone their palates.

We offer Spirits Education Classes to our employees and retail and restaurant customers at our Spirits Education Center in Taunton, MA, as well as training on cocktails and menu creation, led by Director of Spirits Education and Mixology, Troy Clarke.