Webinar Update on Restaurant Relief Efforts

March 2, 2021
Massachusetts Restaurant Association

Washington DC

National Restaurant Association Webinar: An update on Restaurant Relief Efforts
When: Thursday, March 04, 2021 at 1:00PM
As restaurants prepare for spring, the prospects for a Restaurant Revitalization Fund - featuring $25 billion in grants envisioned by the RESTAURANTS Act - are heating up.
While the Association has long championed the bipartisan $120 billion RESTAURANTS Act in its entirety, the current proposal represents a key first step for restaurant relief in Congress. We’ll provide a timely update on the legislative progress and what this Fund may look like when it is operated by the Biden Administration. 
Additionally, restaurants and hotels are the top industry accessing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans under Second Draw. We will discuss why that is and what headwinds some restaurants are nonetheless experiencing with the program. Lastly, more restaurants are preparing to claim employee retention tax credits (ERTC), as coordination with past and current PPP loans is now permitted. Learn more about expanded ERTC and how it can help for both 2020 and 2021. 
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Massachusetts FAQ's
Q). My municipality just authorized bar seating, what are the state guidelines that I need to follow?
A). Please know that while a municipality can set any standard, the following are the state standards:
The bartender only needs to be behind plexiglass if there is an "active working area" i.e. service bar less than 6 feet away.
  • This would include any drink pouring, bottle opening, fruit cutting or assembly, or any other production related activities.
  • If the guest is seated within 6 feet of a production area, or where glassware is stored, then plexiglass would be required, as specified in the regulation.
  • If production area is more than 6 feet away, plexiglass would not be required.
  • Bartenders are permitted to serve guests from behind the bar in the same way that waitstaff are currently allowed to serve guests.
Q). With events being authorized for 3/22, what standards will I need to follow?
A). Guidelines have not been formalized yet. We continue to work with the Administration in hopes of getting requirements posted as soon as possible.