Restaurant Workshare Webinar Sept. 3 & Tips for Weathering 2nd COVID Wave

September 3, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Webinar Tomorrow
Massachusetts Workshare program
Thursday, September 3, 2020 11:00 am

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts WorkShare program is an alternative for employers faced with a cut in workforce. Employers can divide available work between affected employees instead of laying off workers. It allows employees to receive a part of their unemployment insurance (UI) benefits while working reduced hours.
If you have a reduced work force, then the Commonwealth's workshare program may be right for your operation.

Please join us for this restaurant specific webinar with the state's unemployment Rapid Response Team
Event link: Massachusetts Workshare Webinar
Best Practices for Weathering a Second COVID-19 Wave

A second wave of coronavirus infections is not inevitable for the United States, health authorities say, but they point to history and what’s happening elsewhere in the world as strong proof of the possibility. Recent spikes in new COVID-19 cases in Europe, Asia and Australia have led some leaders there to declare their nations are already in that secondary onslaught. What have operators learned that could help them survive a second wave? Here’s what Restaurant Business is hearing:
  • Reconsider the no work/no job/no pay mindset for staff
  • Cut your menu
  • Offer family-sized values
  • Offer curbside delivery
  • Use parking lots and sidewalks
  • Think promotionally
  • Stay open-minded about what you sell
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