Payroll Tax Deferment Guidance & Restaurant Revival Campaign

By Massachusetts Restaurant Association August 31, 2020
Treasury Issues Guidance on Executive Order to Allow Payroll Tax Deferment

On August 28, the IRS released its first notice regarding implementation of the President’s executive order on payroll tax deferral. The document can be found here.

The notice makes clear that if the employer opts to defer payroll taxes, the employer is the affected taxpayer, not the employee. Based on numerous analysis' it appears that this action is voluntary for the employer.
The notice makes no mention of nor seems to contemplate the employee making the election to defer.
Therefore, this would appear to be a decision left to the employer.
MRA Common Question:

Question: Are alcohol vendors allowed to opt out of the agreed upon 12 month repayment plan and post my operation on the delinquent list?
Answer: The Alcohol Beverage Control Commission order is final and the licensee will not be posted to the delinquent list. A Wholesaler has the right not to extend credit but as long as the licensee makes their monthly payments they will not be posted.
National Restaurant Association Launches Restaurant Revival Campaign

Grills firing up; silverware against a plate; and the familiar clink as glasses connect over the laughter of friends together again, these are the rhythms and rituals of dining out that the National Restaurant Association is highlighting in its new multimedia Restaurant Revival campaign launching today.
The national ad, the first ever for the Association, taps into the sights and sounds associated with dining out and asks diners, “Doesn’t dining out sound good?”
Where restaurant dining rooms are open, owners and employees are doing everything they can to create safe and inviting experiences.
The ad pairs the familiar sights and sounds with new visual safety cues, including servers wearing masks and the ServSafe Dining Commitment door decal. Support for this campaign spans the entire industry, with every part of the foodservice community coming together to help restaurants recover.
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