Our Commitment to Social Justice

June 6, 2020
Martignetti Companies
At Martignetti Companies, we recognize and share the pain and sense of loss felt by so many following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago. We also recognize and share the deeply personal feelings of sorrow and fear that have led to demonstration and protest in our community and across our country.
At this time, it is our responsibility to speak out against long-standing inequality and bias experienced by people of color across our society. We call for justice and accountability in our country, and commit to take action to help solve these problems.
We can do better.
As a leadership team and a Company, we reject racism and all forms of discrimination in our workplace and in our communities. We hold our employees, customers, suppliers, vendors and all those with whom we interact accountable to this standard. We will demonstrate our commitment to these values in our words and through meaningful action.
We will do better.
We will work to create a culture and environment of understanding, compassion and inclusiveness. We will have open and honest dialogue, and we will seek to understand the experience and perspective of others in our daily activities.
We will listen.
In all these ways, as part of a plan of action, we commit:
  • To develop a Diversity and Unconscious Bias Training Program.
  • To hold regular meetings with employees to understand any feelings of discrimination or unfairness that they experience and identify opportunities to create change.
  • To attract a more diverse candidate pool in our hiring practices through strengthened community relationships.
  • To identify expanded opportunities to support community initiatives and development.
  • To revise our procurement practices to encourage more diverse vendor partnerships. 
Working together, we resolve to take these actions to improve our Company and lead by example to promote equal justice across our society.