Mass Restaurant COVID-19 Update for April 17

April 17, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Washington DC
  • Initial PPP funding has run out.
  • Congress is expected to continue negotiating throughout the weekend to increase funding for the program.
  • a deal will not be completed before Monday at the earliest. 
    Week Ahead
  • Congress is expected to begin preliminary work on a COVID 4 response
  • Expect a number of grassroots opportunities to communicate with your elected officials about the need for specific restaurant industry help including a restaurant recovery package, legislation to address business interruption insurance issues and other issues that we need our Congressional representatives to address.
  • These communications are important, and the more grassroots efforts that we can generate, the more influential we can be. 
    Just how important is the restaurant industry?
  • The United States restaurant industry totaled $854 billion in sales in 2019
  • This number is 35% higher than that of hotels, airlines, public transportation, professional sports, cruise lines, taxis and ride sharing services, and cinemas, COMBINED!!  
    3rd party delivery fees
  • On Friday, the MRA sent a letter to the City Councils in both Boston and Cambridge urging legislative action on 3rd party delivery fees.
  • Ordinances capping these predatory fees have been enacted in San Francisco, and filed in New York, Chicago and Providence, among others.
  • Click here to read the letter  
    Reminder to complete re-opening survey
  • On Thursday, we shared a survey to gather data for the Governor's office as we begin to discuss a re-opening plan.
  • The survey can be completed here: Restaurant Re-opening Survey - Your Input Is Needed!
    Week in Review
    ABCC issues extended advisory regarding the 60-day credit rule.
    The Commission has approved an additional 30 days credit extension, for a total of 120 days. This advisory goes back to any invoices issued after January 18.
    Click to here to see advisory. 
    DUA Notice to Employers
    Employers should have received this notice from DUA that outlines a number of measures including: UI eligibility, deadlines, filing and payment for 2020 Q-1, etc
    Click to here to see notice.
    News from the MA Health Connector: special enrollment period runs through May 25
    The Health Connector is working to ensure that any Massachusetts residents losing their jobs and job-based health coverage can swiftly and easily make their way into health coverage through the Health Connector. In many ways, state-based marketplaces like the Health Connector are designed to help people in exactly these circumstances, but that help can only work if people know to come to to apply for affordable coverage.
    FDA “Best Practices for Retail Food Stores, Restaurants, and Food Pick-Up/Delivery Services During COVID-19