Mass Restaurant Assc. COVID-19 Update April 6, 2020

April 6, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
MRA Common Questions:
My bank is still not ready to receive my PPP application?
The PPP may not work for my business, what are my other options?

There are two SBA emergency capital programs that are available to the public in addition to the PPP.
  • First is a Low interest, long term “Economic Injury Disaster Loan” for up to $2 million. The first payment is deferred for 12 months. The application can be completed online at
  • Second, if you apply for that Disaster Loan – you can ask for an “Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance” for up to $10,000 as part of the loan application. If approved, these funds can be used for payroll and other operating expenses and can be FORGIVEN.

Something to consider....we are under the impression that the clock on the 8 weeks starts ticking as soon as the money hits your account. For some operators, it might not make sense to take employees off UI because they will not be in operation. Our industry will most likely need a ramp up period back to capacity. It might make more sense for operators to use that money in 5-8 weeks, which is currently not permitted.
  • The MRA is raising this point about the need for restaurants to secure the loan now and use it at another time with both the National Restaurant Association and our congressional delegation. Reminder, the PPP was written to take into account all businesses. As we know, our industry is different due to it's size, labor intensity and disproportionate COVID-19 impact.
The MRA can’t advise what specific course of action to take (whether it’s PPP, EIDL, Employee Retention Tax Credits o r some combination of each. 
Consideration needs to to be given to: 
  • how much of your business is currently generating revenue (totally closed vs. partial operating); 
  • how this may evolve in June/July/August/into the Fall; 
  • which employees are invaluable and what will the restaurant see with expected/usual turnover;
  • the best advice we can offer is to work with your trusted banking and accounting professionals.
What is the employee retention tax credit?​

Employee Retention Tax Credit
The Department of Unemployment Assistance has updated their unemployment assistance request contact form: 

More people applied for UI benefits in the last two weeks than the entirety of 2019. The DUA is working through claims and trying to process every person that is eligible. If employees are having difficulty they are encouraged to use this form: