Legislative Alert: Beer and Wine Law has been signed

April 3, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association

Lieutenant Governor Polito just called to announce that Governor Baker has signed the bill authorizing sales of beer and wine for to go and delivery. This law is effective immediately.
As you know from last night's alert....
The Senate and House sent legislation to the Governor's desk authorizing the sale of beer and wine for to go and delivery. Governor Baker is expected to sign this legislation tonight or tomorrow morning and the law will take effect immediately. This is a welcome relief for operators across Massachusetts.
Here is language that has passed and will become law:

Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, during the governor’s March 10, 2020 declaration of a state of emergency, an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages or only wines and malt beverages on-premises may sell wine or malt beverages only for off-premises consumption subject to the following conditions: (i) the wine or malt beverage shall not be sold to a person under 21 years of age; provided, however, that any delivery of wine or malt beverages for off-premises consumption shall not be made without verification that the person receiving the order has attained 21 years of age; (ii) the wine shall be sold in its original, sealed container and the malt beverage shall be sold in a sealed container; (iii) the wine or malt beverage shall be sold as part of the same transaction as the purchase of food; provided, however, that any order that includes wine or malt beverages shall be placed not later than the hour of which the establishment is licensed to sell alcohol or 12:00 midnight, whichever time is earlier; and (iv) a customer shall be limited to 192 ounces of malt beverage and 1.5 liters of wine per transaction.