Grants for Restaurants, Panel on Managing Stress, and Winterizing Menus & Service

November 10, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Grant Programs for restaurants and small business owners

Grubhub Restaurant Winterization Grant

Grubhub and The Greg Hill Foundation's Restaurant Strong Fund announced the Restaurant Winterization Grant program, a new initiative to provide $10,000 grants to eligible independent restaurants. This financial support will help restaurants prepare for winter, including by helping restaurants address needs for additional infrastructure and equipment to extend outdoor dining, increased personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect their employees, and other necessities to get them through the cold-weather months. The grant can be applied for here: Boston grant application 
Main Street Matters

Micro grants to businesses located in Stoughton, Quincy, Holbrook, Braintree and Randolph.
The grant is being delivered in sums of $1000. Businesses can also apply more than once if they are not approved the first time they apply.
Around the Industry

Managing Stress and Staff Morale in an Unrelenting Year

On Thurs., Nov. 12, 2 p.m. ET, join a panel of experts as they discuss the toll of COVID-19, racial protests, and the election on team members. If your company is heading into the holidays with fewer employees and more stress than you expected, they’ve compiled some strategies to manage stress and keep employees motivated, from practicing mindfulness to dealing with conflict in a cooperative and constructive manner. They offer a variety of tips and recommendations to help see you and your crews through the holiday season. Register
Restaurants Winterize Menus and Service to Adapt to Outdoor Dining

Heartier dishes and cooking techniques, heat-retaining serving vessels and creative experiences are luring diners outside, according to Restaurant Business. With cold-weather cities like Denver, Boston, New York and Chicago giving restaurateurs the go-ahead to extend outdoor dining into winter, financially strapped operators are eager to take advantage of the potential business. Heaters, blankets and other warming aids may lure customers at first, but below-freezing weather may be a tough sell. So, some restaurants are betting they need to do more, getting creative with winterizing the menu, service style, serving ware and even the dining experience. Read more