Extension on Evictions to Oct 17 and Drinks to Go ABCC Advisory

July 21, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Baker Administration Extends Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures to October 17
Today, Governor Charlie Baker extended the pause on evictions and foreclosures for 60 days, until October 17, 2020, through the authority granted to the governor by Chapter 65 of the Acts of 2020, An Act providing for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 Emergency, which was signed into law on April 20, 2020. The moratorium was set to expire on August 18, 2020.
The extended provisions include those which (a) prohibit courts from accepting or moving forward with non-essential evictions of small business tenants and (b) prohibit commercial landlords from charging late fees to small business tenants for failure to pay rent if the tenant provides notice and documentation to the landlord within 30 days that the non-payment was due to a financial impact from COVID-19.
To qualify as a small business tenant under the Eviction Moratorium, the tenant occupying the leased premises (and any party that controls, is controlled by or is in common control with the tenant) cannot (i) operate in multiple states, (ii) operate in multiple countries; (iii) be publicly traded or (iv) have 150 or more full-time equivalent employees.
During this 60 day extension, the Administration will consult with the court administrators and other stakeholders regarding programs and policies to help tenants avoid eviction when proceedings resume.
ABCC issues Advisory for mixed drinks to go
On July 20, 2020, Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill authorizing on-premises licensees to sell mixed drinks for off-premises consumption for the duration of the Governor’s declared state of emergency or until February 28, 2021, whichever comes later.
Effective immediately and until the end of the state of emergency or February 28, 2021, whichever comes later, all on-premises licensees licensed for the sale of all alcoholic beverages or wine, malt, and cordials, may sell mixed drinks for off-premises consumption.
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