COVID Update: ABCC Extended Advisory, DUA Notice, Health Connector

April 15, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
 ABCC issues extended advisory regarding the 60-day credit rule.

The Commission has approved an additional 30 days credit extension, for a total of 120 days. This advisory goes back to any invoices issued after January 18.

Click to here to see advisory. 
DUA Notice to Employers
Employers should have received this notice from DUA that outlines a number of measures including: UI eligibility, deadlines, filing and payment for 2020 Q-1, etc

Click to here to see notice.
News from the MA Health Connector: special enrollment period runs through May 25

The Health Connector is working to ensure that any Massachusetts residents losing their jobs and job-based health coverage can swiftly and easily make their way into health coverage through the Health Connector. In many ways, state-based marketplaces like the Health Connector are designed to help people in exactly these circumstances, but that help can only work if people know to come to to apply for affordable coverage.
MRA Common Questions
Is the the $600 Federal Unemployment money taxable?
Yes, for those eligible for FPUC, the $600 payment is considered taxable income. States must include the FPUC payments when preparing Form 1099-Gs and must withhold taxes from an individual’s weekly benefit amount and the $600 payment when an individual elects to have taxes withheld.
I have not heard anything about my EIDL loan application?
According the Massachusetts SBA, EIDL loan approvals for MA small businesses continue to be processed on a daily basis. There is a significant volume of applications received and SBA processes on a first come first served basis. We were advised that EIDL loan advances (up to $10,000 calculated at $1000 per employee up to $10,000 max) started to go out this past Friday and is continuing.   
Webinar: Practical Mental Health for the Foodservice Industry with Unilever
Hear some tips specifically tailored to those working in foodservice. You’ll leave the webinar with tips and tricks for managing your own mental health as we move through this time together.

Thursday, April 16, 2020
2:00 PM (EDT)
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Support Essential Workers While Socializing Your Restaurant
Another opportunity to deliver a win/win for your restaurants is to promote programs that support local hospital workers who are working in wartime conditions and support local restaurants who have been impacted by the COVID crisis. Two great examples are meal train and Frontline Foods. You can sign up your restaurant as a provider and use your social media to bring awareness to these programs and drive donations. More information can be found on the following websites: