Mass Restaurant Assc. COVID-19 Update March 20, 2020

March 20, 2020
Massachusetts Restaruant Association
“Restaurant Strong Fund” to Support Employees Displaced Through Covid-19 Restaurant Closures
The MA Restaurant Association is partnering with Samuel Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation and their “Restaurant Strong Fund” to directly support displaced full time tipped hourly employees with grants of $1000 to assist through Covid-19 closures. The foundation has already raised over $350,000 and is currently accepting applications for relief. As of Friday, March 20 th the fund cut its first round of fifty-two $1000 checks to qualified employees.  
You may learn more about “Restaurant Strong Fund” and access to the donation page, as well as the application for a grant at Restaurant Strong Fund.  Any level of contribution helps, and for those who can do more the Greg Hill Foundation would like to show their appreciation with the following recognition:
$5,000 Company mention in a Greg Hill Foundation social media post
$10,000 Company mention in a Greg Hill Foundation social media post
              Company mention in a Greg Hill Foundation email blast (over 50,000 emails) 
              Company mention on The Greg Hill Show on WEEI
$25,000  Company mention in a Greg Hill Foundation social media post
               Company mention in a Greg Hill Foundation email blast (over 50,000 emails) 
               Company mention on The Greg Hill Show on WEEI
               Opportunity for company representative to call into The Greg Hill Show on WEEI and propose a matching program with their donation
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Week in Review 
The circumstances impacting the restaurant industry are changing hour by hour. The past few days have been some of the most stressful and anxiety-ridden days our industry has faced in recent memory and possibly ever. There is no blue-print for what we are all dealing with, but we are confident that we are the most resilient industry regardless of the challenges thrown at us and we know we will all come out on the other side of this.
For more detailed information on any of the following issues, please head to the
Sunday March 15 th
  • In the morning, Mayor Walsh shuts down all bars and restaurants in South Boston for St Patrick’s Day
  • That evening, Governor Baker closes all restaurants to all on-premise dining to stem the rise of Coronavirus with the potential reopening date of April 6th
Monday March 16 th
  • Ban on Dine-in Operations is instituted and to take effect 12:00AM Tuesday March 17th
  • Small Business Recovery Loan Fund Launched
  • SBA Disaster Loan Site Launched
  • Unemployment Insurance Link Launched
Tuesday March 17 th
  • Ban on Dine-in Operation goes into effect at 12AM
  • Restaurant Closing Checklist Released
  • Landlord Relations Recommendations Released
  • Utility Relations Recommendations Released
  • Staff Offboarding Recommendations Released
  • Over 20,000 employees file for unemployment
Wednesday March 18 th
  • Governor announces the payment of regular sales tax, meals tax and room occupancy tax that would be due in March, April and May can be deferred to June. This would apply to businesses that paid no more than $150k in these taxes in 2019
  • Governor signs into law the UI assistance to worker affected by COVID 19, waves the 1 – week waiting period
  • Employer requirements within UI waived
Thursday March 19 th
  • ABCC issues waiver of 60-day delinquency notice extending back to invoices received after 1/18/20
  • DOR issues guidance waiving penalties for any employers regarding late filed meals tax returns
  • Restaurant Industry Support Programs Promoted
Friday March 20 th
  • MRA partners with Restaurant Strong Fund
  • Legislation filed to allow alcohol to be sold as part of to go or delivery. Governor only has the power to reduce alcohol sales during a public emergency, thus any increase in alcohol must be done by the legislature.