Alert - Available Payment Options

March 16, 2020
Dear Valued Customer,
Based on the closure of Martignetti’s business office and the company’s policy that Sales Reps should not be visiting customers, live check pickups are suspended immediately. Customers have three options to ensure payment is remitted in a timely manner, which are as follows:
  1. Mail checks to Martignetti Companies at 500 John Hancock Road, Taunton, MA 20780
  2. On-Line payments via the My Accounts application
  3. Check-By-Photo submissions
Because the business office is closed, we have instituted contingency plans to ensure mail will be picked up and checks will still be processed as normal. As such, customers could certainly utilize the mail system to send payments. In the alternative, customers could sign up for on-line payments by sending an e-mail to the e-mail box requesting setup with a valid e-mail address where payment confirmations will be sent. AR Specialists will be working remotely and will be able to set customers up with on-line accounts. Lastly, customers could send photo images to the e-mail box or to a Sales Rep. Here again, we need a valid e-mailed address where payment receipts would be e-mailed.
We encourage customers to take advantage of the My Accounts platform, which is clearly the simplest and most efficient method for handling payments. Other methods of payment are more cumbersome and will only slow down the processing of payments.
We have a subset of customers that are required to pay via bank checks and/or money orders. The options here are more limited and same principals apply. Specifically, Sales Reps cannot pick up these payments. The options are as follows:
  1. Mail bank checks/money orders to Martignetti at 500 John Hancock Road, Taunton, MA 20780
  2. Wire funds
  3. Prepay at least 4 business days in advance of delivery via the My Accounts application
Mailing checks is self-explanatory. If customers elect to wire funds, they would need to contact the AR Specialist handling the account to obtain Martignetti’s wire transfer information. Lastly, if customers are pre-paying for orders, they could do so utilizing the My Accounts platform. In this instance, we would need the payment four days in advance of the delivery to ensure the payment clears.
We realize this is not optimal and business conditions are extremely challenging. As the situation evolves, we will continue to communicate any subsequent changes with the field. We appreciate your cooperation.