ABCC Issues Credit Extension & Monday - Wednesday is the New Saturday Dining Campaign

June 11, 2020
Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Monday - Wednesday is the New Saturday
Capacity will be full during the weekends, so why not go out when you have a better chance at getting a table? "Monday - Wednesday is the New Saturday." There are significant benefits for your guests to get out on these days, along with great benefits of supporting their local restaurants. Thus, we launch the campaign “Monday - Wednesday is the New Saturday” Campaign.  
The following messaging may be used to promote successful ways to gain more business not just on weekends, but everyday:
  • Now’s your chance to dine at the restaurant you could never get a table at. “Get a seat Monday -’s the new Saturday”
  • If you’re working from home and not fighting the traffic on the Mass Pike getting you home at 8pm, take advantage, get out of the house and grab diner at 6:30pm at your favorite restaurant “Monday - Wednesday, it’s the new Saturday”
  • Tired of eating at home, hit your favorite restaurant when you know you will get a table “Monday - Wednesday is the new Saturday”
  • Tired of take out, hit your favorite restaurants when you know you will get a table “Monday - Wednesday is the new Saturday”
  • The weather is perfect now to grab a great lunch at your local restaurant "Monday - Wednesday"
You may also use the graphics above on your social media to help rebuild your weekday traffic. To use the first graphic for your social media, click here. For the second graphic, click here.
ABCC issues extended advisory regarding the 60-day credit rule
The Commission has approved an additional 95 days credit extension, for a total of 155 days. This advisory goes back to any invoices issued after January 18.
Click to here to see advisory.
As we continue down the path of reopening, we want to leverage all our options to drive traffic to our restaurants. has served us well for off premise dining awareness. We have added the following listing labels that will drive those searching the site to your profile:
  • Outdoor Dining Available
For Upcoming Events:
  • Mixed Cocktails Available
  • Indoor Dining Available
  • Reservations Required
To update your profile:
  • Log in
  • Go to your listing
  • Click edit Listing
  • Select and deselect listing
  • Click save changes