New Digital Marketing Services for Retailers

August 6, 2019
Taunton, Mass--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Martignetti Companies (“Martignetti”)— New England’s preeminent distributor of wines and spirits is announcing the launch of the industry’s first distributor hosted consumer-level Digital Marketing Service™ (DMS) for its retailer and supplier partners. Available through (Profitable Brand Discovery Solutions), this new marketing service will provide Martignetti retail customers with omni-channel digital advertising campaigns that feature content and themes designed to motivate consumer discovery of new brands carried by their store of choice in the Massachusetts marketplace.
“Our digital marketing initiative is the first of its’ kind within the three-tier system, as it enables suppliers to market directly to consumers through their favorite store,” said Neal Fisher, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations & Marketing for Martignetti Companies.  “We are launching this service in partnership with Palate Wizards LLC, a company we believe to be the pre-eminent loyalty marketing services provider within the beverage alcohol industry. Today’s e-commerce marketplace can often reduce the consumer interaction with a brand to a transaction based just on price, we hope to expand the consideration to include product attributes and brand heritage, while strengthening the relationship between the user and their store.”
 “The Martignetti digital marketing service is one more way that we are responding to the changing marketplace, meeting the evolving needs of our retail customers and giving our suppliers new ways to grow their businesses,” said Mark Fisher, President, Sales & Marketing, Martignetti Companies.
The Martignetti DMS enables retailers who join the network to participate in supplier sponsored omni-channel digital marketing campaigns designed to generate brand discovery.   
Palate Wizards CEO Michael Jermyn stated that “we are honored to join with Martignetti Companies to offer a unique digital communication system for both retailers and suppliers in the Massachusetts marketplace.  Our mobile-based system has demonstrated success motivating profitable brand discovery for our retailer and supplier clients, and the Digital Marketing Service is a logical extension of our loyalty marketing services portfolio. The system is designed to build loyalty between consumer and their store in today’s digital marketplace, while enabling suppliers to market their products to users in a co-branded retailer network across the state”.
About Martignetti Companies
Established in 1908, Martignetti Companies has grown to become the leading distributor of wine and spirits in New England and the 7th largest in the country. Based in Taunton, Massachusetts, Martignetti Companies currently has direct sales operations in five New England markets: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Additionally, it has a national presence through its’ import company, Vision Wine & Spirits. For more information, visit