Survey: Consumers Buying More Wine Online

December 11, 2018
Wine & Spirits Daily

Price is still the top decision-making factor when it comes to wine, according to a recent consumer survey by Sonoma State University's Wine Business Institute.

For at-home drinking, respondents said they typically shell out between $11 and $15 a bottle, but 46% said they paid between $50 and $100 a bottle for a special occasion. At a restaurant, they typically spend about $31-$45 per bottle, while 31% of consumers surveyed said they only order by the glass.

Where are they buying their wine off-premise? More than half almost always purchase wine from a wine/liquor store, followed by grocery at nearly 40%.

More consumers are also consistently purchasing wine online, with 11% of respondents saying they purchase wine online often compared to 7% in 2016. And 27% reported that they have purchased wine online.

When asked what would make purchasing wine online more attractive, consumers' answers fit into four major themes: 1) cheaper wine prices; 2) complimentary or discounted shipping; 3) find a way to provide taste samples; and 4) make the process easier.

The most popular wine apps are Vivino, WineSearcher, Hello Vino, Delectable and Cellar Tracker. Consumers typically use the apps to check wine prices (30%), decide what to buy (9%) and get coupons (6%).