Consumers Buy Lots of Wine, Know Nothing About It

June 26, 2018
Wine & Spirits Daily

Among regular wine consumers, only about 12% really think they have a good understanding of the category, according to the recent TABS Analytics consumer survey. And that number drops down to only 5% when you look at occasional drinkers.

"They buy a lot [of wine], just don't know much about it," is how TABS founder and ceo Kurt Jetta summed it up, adding that this trend is what leads to fragmentation so that "there's not a lot of brand power."

What this means for their shopping habits is that about 19% of wine drinkers surveyed rely on brand names.

Though, occasional wine drinkers are less likely to buy based on brand than regular wine drinkers.
Industry experts talk a lot about how important it is to offer value to younger consumers, but according to TABS, deal-seeking behavior is less prevalent in wine and spirits than in other CPG categories. Only around 15% of both regular and occasional wine drinkers surveyed said they look for deals in the wine or spirits categories, whereas around 50% of consumers look for deals in the CPG category at large.