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News Archive 2018


1/12/18 Off-Premise Sales Growth Outpaces On-Premise in 2017
1/11/18 Three Takeaways from the Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates - 2017 Review


2/28/18 Fifth Annual Martignetti Companies Women's Beverage Alcohol Symposium
2/19/18 20 Year Strong US Wine Boom Tailing Off
2/19/18 Americans Spending More on Wine but Volume Growth is Slowing
2/15/18 State of the Wine Industry 2018 Highlights Key Trends


3/15/18 Robust Sales for Premium, Small-Production Wines
3/5/18 On-Premise Consumers are Ordering Better Quality Drinks More Often


4/25/18 Fine Wine Report 2018 (Excerpt)
4/24/18 Get ready to pay more for wine, as global production hits 60-year low
4/6/18 Consumers Crave More Drink Flights
4/6/18 Re-Think Retail: The Store Must Do More - Ahead of the Curve
4/5/18 A Worker Shortage is Forcing Restaurants to Get Creative


5/26/18 Global wine production has hit a 60-year low, as changing weather picks new winners and losers
5/24/18 Global alcohol consumption reverses decline in 2017
5/23/18 California Wine Sales in U.S. Market Hit $35.2 Billion in 2017
5/2/18 Why Amazon Won't Crush the Liquor Industry


6/27/18 Supreme Court Confirms Online Wine Tax
6/26/18 Consumers Buy Lots of Wine, Know Nothing About It
6/25/18 Top Champagne Marketers Toast Bubbly's U.S. Bounce
6/18/18 Charting the Evolution of Today's Wine Consumer
6/6/18 Glass of wine and a good night's sleep can ward of Alzheimer's, says scientist
6/5/18 Massachusetts: No THC with ABV: Commission Blacks Marijuana in Alcohol Beverages


7/24/18 H1 Wine Trends: Boxed & Sparkling Wine Still Soaring
7/20/18 Drink Occasions Are on the Decline for Younger Millennials
7/20/18 Imported Rosé, Premium Brands Drive U.S. Wine Market Growth, Reports Impact Databank
7/17/18 The Six Suprising Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol
7/13/18 Interview: The WSWA's Move to Back Legalized Cannabis


8/20/18 Convenience, experience, technology and mindful drinking revolutionize alcohol market trends
8/2/18 Majority of Americans See No Health Impact From a Few Drinks


9/27/18 Wine Market Up 3% in Volume, 4% in Value
9/26/18 Takeaways from the U.S. Craft Spirits Industry Briefing
9/26/18 U.S. Whiskey Revival Gathers Pace


10/31/18 Veuve Clicquot 2018 Wine Brand of the Year


11/30/18 How E-Commerce is Changing the Spirits Industry
11/28/18 U.S. Wine Drinkers Defined in Six Segments
11/21/18 WSWA Backs Tennessee Law in Residency Case Against Total Wine
11/16/18 Women in Wholesale Unite


12/12/18 A Snapshot of the American Wine Consumer in 2018
12/11/18 Survey: Consumers Buying More Wine Online