How Gallo Wines Is Maximizing Millennial Influence To Win Big

By Jeff Fromm February 16, 2017
Forbes Magazine
For the past five years we have been studying millennials and modern consumer trends. From retail buying patterns to flavor preferences to ?how income differentiates cohorts of millennials, we have shared a wealth? of information about how millennial consumers behave differently in our market today.
While some businesses fear these differences and the unknown when it comes to the "Innovation Generation," the ones who are winning big across verticals are embracing what makes millennial Mindset consumers who they are. They understand that these consumers are more "prosumer" than consumer and are hyper-connected when it comes to content and product or service information.
This is especially true when we explore the CPG category - especially as it relates to adult beverages. Our latest research explores the evolution of the snacking category and how, for millennials, snacking is not snacking -- it's eating. This is true of adult beverages as well, particularly wine. As the youngest legal drinkers in the United States, millennials are changing the perception of wine. What was considered a relatively elitist beverage, has now become a common staple in millennial home. Partaking in the occasional (or more than occasional) glass of wine is not a privilege for millennial drinkers. It is simply a part of their standard routine. This has changed the eating and drinking landscape for many brands.
Gallo Wines is one brand effectively engaging and interacting with modern consumers through this lens. To learn more about their framework of understanding and the impact of millennials on the wine and spirit industries, I interviewed Stephanie Gallo, VP of marketing who will be sharing her insights at the Women of the Vine Symposium in March.
Jeff Fromm: What is the most interesting usage behavior of millennials when it comes to wine?
Stephanie Gallo: Millennials are adventurous when it comes to what they will try and purchase for themselves, their friends and their family. They appreciate innovation - particularly if it simplifies or eliminates routine challenges. Our Gallo Wine Trends Survey found that the single most important factor to encourage people to try a new wine is a recommendation from friends or family members - 95% said that was important. For millennial consumers, 51% would be encouraged to try a wine if it were recommended on social media. It's clear that having a strong digital presence is critical.