March 16, 2015
From the technology company powering fast, convenient alcohol delivery in more cities across the United States than anyone else, comes a new, fun mobile-lifestyle brand that evokes "The Joy of Drinking," along with completely re-designed multi-screen shopping experience.

Drizly, the technology company powering fast, convenient beer, wine and liquor delivery for consumers and businesses across the U.S., today re-launched with a new brand identity and a complete re-imagination of the liquor store shopping experience.

Powered by an all-new look, feel and brand voice, Drizly's new apps and Web site feature an emphasis on ease-of-use and product discovery, adding new dimensions of surprise, delight, and interactivity to the unprecedented experience of getting alcohol delivered responsibly in 20-40 minutes. 

"In 2014, Drizly pioneered the business of fast, convenient alcohol delivery done responsibly through proprietary technology, infrastructure and IP," said Nick Rellas, CEO and co-founder of Drizly. "Along with significant expansion plans in the U.S., Drizly's new brand identity gives us a platform to become the most enjoyable place to purchase alcohol, with a shopping experience that parallels what we love about buying books on Amazon, choosing movies on Netflix, or picking songs on Spotify."


The re-launch of the Drizly Web site and mobile app brings users to an experience that is steeped in discovery, with dynamic merchandising brought to life through rich media content, recommendations and personalization. It brings users into a world where no two shopping experiences are the same, as the site constantly tailors itself to the user based on previous searches and purchases. New features include: 
  Ratings, reviews and rich media content that help you discover and purchase new products with
  "Favorite" orders and address books that are stored for even faster purchasing        
  Smart searches that deliver results as you type        
  Ability to share Drizly with friends and send gifts made easier than ever

The new Drizly interface also allows brands to connect with its audience in more personal ways by offering optimization opportunities such as: .        
  Robust brand experiences - immersive brand experiences where users can explore their favorites products      
  Content placements - rich content added to bring products to life with deeper descriptions, recommendations & complimentary video          
  Sponsored listings - featured placement among showcased brands and promoted search results to ensure top placement among returns


The new Drizly look, feel and brand voice convey "The Joy of Drinking" through a fun new bear logo; a bold color palette; clean, modern designs; a cheeky, irreverent voice; and vintage photography, evocative of a simpler, less pretentious era.

Conceived in partnership with the Breakaway Innovation Group of Boston, the new Drizly brand identity creates a unique marketing and merchandising platform, re-imagining the customer relationship with the liquor store. While the proprietary Drizly infrastructure powering fast, convenient, responsible alcohol delivery across the U.S. remain foundational to the brand, the rest of the brand experience has been overhauled to position Drizly for its next phase brand awareness, North American expansion, and customer experiences. 

The Drizly color scheme has changed to primary red with white lettering for a clean and modern feel that is fitting of a technology company creating a new market. The new Drizly bear logo is emblematic of strength, leadership and confidence.

Through the Norbella agency of Boston, Drizly will support the re-launch by unveiling a national media campaign across traditional, digital and outdoor ad formats, featuring fun taglines and retro photography depicting revelers enjoying themselves and living in the moment.

"Alcohol delivery begs for a brand that is bold and cool, but does not take itself too seriously," said Drizly SVP of marketing, Michael DiLorenzo. "While the seeds of our brand are sowed in convenience, it's just as important that Drizly is responsible for the most important ingredients to any celebration or good time.  A great time delivered quickly - that is The Joy of Drinking."