Beverages: Spirits: Nielsen Data Analysis: Four Weeks Ended June 21, 2014

July 8, 2014
Total Spirits Dollar Sales Were Up 5.0% - In the 4-week period ending June 21, 2014, total spirits category sales were up 5.0% YoY (which is in line with the +5.1% growth seen over the last 12 weeks and just below the +5.5% over the last 52 weeks). Price/mix moderated a bit this month, adding 1.2 pts to dollar sales growth, while volumes grew 3.8% (price/mix contributed 1.7 pts over the last 12 weeks and 2.8 pts over the last 52 weeks). Notably, we continued to see stronger dollar sales growth across the brown spirits categories, with bourbon +9.8% YoY, Canadian whiskey +13.8%, Irish whiskey +15.8%, and Scotch +6.0%. Meanwhile, dollar sales trends for white spirits remain much softer with vodka +4.0% YoY, tequila +3.9%, gin +2.9%, and rum +1.8%. Including sales in Washington State (which privatized liquor sales in June 2012), total spirits category dollar sales were +4.7% YoY in the period, with volume growth of +3.5% and price/mix adding 1.2 pts.