Nielsen Spirits: Volumes improve back to positive territory

August 5, 2013
Goldman Sachs
Industry sales accelerate to +4.2% due partly to easier comps
Spirits data in Nielsen-tracked xAOC (food, drug, mass, WMT) reported sales increased 4.2% for the four weeks ended 7/20/13. Volume was up 0.8% while price/mix remains up about 3.3%. Overall, sales accelerated from 1.7% in May and 2.3% in June, however, the comp was easier this month (+4.0% vs. 8.6%/6.3% in May/June). Bourbon remains a consistent standout among the major categories with sales up 12.2%, however, Canadian Whiskey has been a surprising area of strength with sales up 13.9%, an acceleration from 12.6% last month and 9.7% the month before that. Meanwhile, outside of Brandy/Cognac up 8.9% and Scotch up 13.3%, the other major categories were fairly slow with Vodka +3.5%, Cordials +3%, Rum +1.7%, Gin +1.3%, and Tequila +0.5%.