Supply shortages for Spanish bulk wine

By Graham Holter February 23, 2012
Spanish co-operatives are going to find it difficult to cope with demand for their bulk wines this year, a leading brokerage company has warned.

Ciatti says there have been "dramatic stock decreases" in co-operative cellars, though negociants have ample supply.

"In some regions such as Utiel-Requena (Valencia) stocks are rapidly decreasing," Ciatti warned.

"In Mentrida (Toledo), according to some estimates, only 3 million litres of wine remain available for sale. In Ciudad Real, one of the biggest producing regions, the large first-hand, single lots of Merlot, Cabernet and even generic red are almost all committed to negociants."

The company added that generic rosé stocks are also "very low" and buyers would struggled to find single lots over 200,000 litres. "As a result, industry insiders expect lower availability in the coming years of reserva and grand reserva wines in bulk, as a fair amount of these wines will be sold in the "Tinto Joven" or "young red wines" category.

"This requires less barrel-ageing, allowing for the wine to be commercialised quickly, therefore easing supply shortages."