Staggering New Research Shows 35% Of Older Millennials Drink Wine At Least Once A Month

April 30, 2012
Napa based Invictus Marketing releases the 2012 Wine Consumption report uncovering true intent behind Millennial wine drinkers and their associated detailed consumer profiles.

More Millennials than ever before are drinking wine at least once a month, according to new research presented by Invictus Marketing, a Napa based interactive marketing agency.

The research shows an astounding 35% of older Millennials between the ages of 25-34 drink wine at least once a month, representing the second largest age group of wine drinkers. The largest age group of wine drinkers are individuals between the ages of 55-64, of which 35.2% drink one at least once a month.

This young group of wine drinkers is only 0.2% behind their elder counterparts, yet many wineries lack in the areas of true engagement of this powerful demographic and how the group wants to interact with wineries and brands in general.

Prashant Patel, President of Invictus Marketing proclaims, "Based on today's definition of marketing or interactive marketing, I am certain that 'winery marketing' is an oxymoron. There is a huge group of Millennials with cash in hand which are interested in wine, yet on the surface, for some reason wineries do not seem terribly interested in them or their money."

Kelvin Wong of Invictus Marketing added, "Wineries know of the existence of the Millennial generation but may they think 'Millennial' is just a buzzword--something that will soon be gone. Sadly that's not the case and if you look at how wineries adopt technology, it's insane how far behind this industry is today. Everything from technology adoptions for internal business process optimizations, website usability, mobile considerations are all reminiscent of at least a decade ago."

The intent of the 2012 US Wine Consumption report was to gather an initial analysis of older Millennials and their wine consumption habits. The research data can then be leveraged by wineries by adopting new-school interactive marketing which may save some wineries millions of dollars and potentially foster job growth within the industry.

The 2012 US Wine Consumption report was conducted amongst internet users in April, 2012 with 1,500 US respondents. Top-line results were within a 3-5% margin of error and results segmented by one or two dimensions (e.g. age, gender, etc.) were within a 10% margin of error.
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